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Disgraced GOP Golden Boy Dan Bongino Continues To Yell At Me On Twitter

The Daily Caller video.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Has-been GOP House hopeful Dan Bongino, who was recently butchered in his Florida primary race,  is being hateful about having me on his podcast.

After shredding WaPo‘s Dave Weigel and cussing out Politico‘s Marc Caputo, Bongino continues trash talking journalists, insisting that reporters who attend J-School are taught to push liberal principles and policies in their stories.

Which is ridiculous.

Nonetheless, he insists he has too big of a name ID to have me on his podcast to discuss the media and his recent profanity-laced media meltdown that likely cost him his race.

In recent days, Bongino has called me a clown and says I’m an “embarrassment to The Daily Caller.” He has called Caputo a “liar” and “fucking piece of shit” and, in a first-person account for Conservative Review, discussed Weigel’s “big mouth and arrogant attitude.” He also insists Weigel has had no credible life experiences.

Loose translation: The mad f-bomber can’t handle another conversation with a reporter.


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I’m really baffled as to what “dishonesty” Bongino is talking about.

But the story he’s referring to is this one.

And I’m amused that he thinks that by reading my story he has doubled my “limited audience.”

For an ex-Secret Service agent, this guy is pretty wimpy.

Hey Bongino, my email is if you find your guts and change your mind. Come on…what’s the worst thing that could happen?