Emily Ratajkowski Says She’d Kill for Gisele’s Legs [VIDEO]

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Emily Ratajkowski fielded some tweets from fans in a video produced by Vanity Fair and responded with little to no effort at all.

She reminded one fan “dreams are not reality,” rejected an invitation to prom from another and denied she looks like Kendall Jenner — before adding she’s “beautiful, so thank you.”

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When responding to a fan who said she would kill to have a figure like Ratajkowski, Emily admitted she “would kill to look like a lot of people combined.”

The supermodel/actress claimed she “would love to have a little Brigitte Bardot but then like Gisele’s legs, and like, ya know?”

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Ratajkowski recently opened up with fans in a Glamour article and defended her sexuality. (RELATED: Emily Ratajkowski Defends Scandalous Posts: ‘We Shouldn’t Have To Apologize For Wanting Attention)

“We are more than just our bodies,” she said, “but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality.”