Flashback: Clinton Publicly Revealed Secret Briefing On Iraq

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Hillary Clinton publicly revealed classified information back when she was a Senator from New York, NBC News reported at the time.

Clinton, who has accused Donald Trump of being “undisciplined” for criticizing her for mishandling classified documents on her private email server, twice talked about a secret briefing she received from the George W. Bush administration.

According to NBC News, during a Feb 25, 2008 speech during the primaries she remarked she pressed the administration to give more information about the Iraq withdrawal plans.

“They didn’t want to talk to us about it, as is their usual response,” she said then. “We finally were able to secure a briefing which although classified, I can tell you was cursory. It did not inspire confidence in our readiness to do this important task of withdrawing our troops and equipment.”

Additionally, Clinton referenced the secret briefing during a January 13, 2008 appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“Last spring, I asked for a briefing on what the planning was. Secretary of Defense and the Department of Defense basically said ‘We’re not going to tell you.’ And I said, ‘Well, yes you are.’ We had such a briefing. It was classified. I can’t talk about it, but the bottom line is it was cursory. I don’t think that the Bush White House wants there to be much planning.”

Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon defended Clinton saying in a tweet that Clinton did not do anything wrong.

“There’s a difference between a security briefing done by intel community, and an Iraq policy briefing by Bush’s DoD,” Fallon tweeted.

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