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This spring, Fitbit debuted the Fitbit Alta, the high-tech fitness tracker that doesn’t look stupid on your wrist. At the time, the Daily Dealer reviewed the Alta and concluded that it really was Fitbit’s best yet:

The Fitbit Alta is the design for passionate Fitbit fans looking for something that is both stylish and functional. It doesn’t look like a smartwatch, but that’s a good thing. Slim and sleek, the Alta has the benefit of not standing out, and it’s the first Fitbit that can really pull off being a fashion accessory. It does, however, still display text messages and incoming phone calls (as well as your fitness data), like the Blaze or any other smartwatch on the market.

The Fitbit Alta has other advantages for those looking to upgrade their wristwear. Because of its longer battery life, you won’t have to take it off to charge more than once a week. The Alta also features a new “remind to move” alert that ensures you don’t sit in one place for too long. This helpful addition makes you realize there is more to staying healthy than how many steps you get.

Since it was released in April, the Fitbit Alta has never been available for a significant discount. Well, that day has come. You can get a new Fitbit Alta from eBay for $30 off its typical $129.95 price.

The deal on Fitbit Alta on eBay includes black, plum, teal and blue (Photo via Amazon)

The deal on Fitbit Alta on eBay includes black, plum, teal and blue (Photo via Amazon)

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker on sale for $99.99

Fitbit is notorious for not having deals on its very popular trackers, so it is a breath of fresh air to see such a great price on a great product.

WATCH The Fitbit Alta:

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