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Greta Van Susteren Says Ailes Should Have Been Supervised

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Greta Van Susteren, who didn’t even get to say goodbye to her viewers before the network announced she was done, has something new to say about her old boss Roger Ailes.

Her husband, attorney John Coale, has been hinting to the New York Times that litigation may be coming.

“It was hidden from all of us,” Van Susteren now says of the situation at the network, presumably referring to Gretchen Carlson‘s accusation of sexual harassment and subsequent $20 million settlement.

In reaction to Geraldo Rivera‘s Thursday Facebook post in which he apologized to New York Mag’s Gabe Sherman and said he and his wife, Erica, ache for the pain that Beth Ailes, Roger’s wife, must be feeling, Van Susteren had something to say Friday.

Van Susteren, who previously said that Carlson’s complaints had no “ring of truth,” is now apologizing but with a twist: She says Ailes should have had a babysitter. Her word: “Supervisor.”

I read Geraldo’s FB post in which he said he regretted not believing Gretchen Carlson’s claim of sexual harassment. We all regret it – I made my regret self evident in my GretaWire posting about 3 weeks ago which ended with this: “Gretchen, you go girl.” That said it all.

It is indeed true, when I read the complaint written by lawyers – I never spoke to Gretchen as she was long gone from Fox – I found it inconsistent with what was my experience and information at the Fox News Channel, admittedly working 200 miles from the “scene of the crimes.” It was hidden from all of us.
But I have regrets beyond Geraldo’s and beyond not believing a civil complaint written by lawyers.

I regret that Roger Ailes was not supervised by those in a public corporation who had the duty to supervise him. This included his seniors, the CFO’s of both Fox News Channel and 21CF (and its predecessor NewsCorp), the Board of Directors and what I assume this public corporation had, outside auditors. Checks written that were suspicious should have been spotted.