Hewitt: Putin Is ‘Evil,’ But Obama Just Lets Him ‘Eat The United States’ Lunch’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt is the latest to weigh in on Donald Trump’s recent comments on Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.

Hewitt said on MSNBC Friday that the Russian president “is very evil.”

“He is also very aggressively advancing Russia’s interests in Syria, in Iran and across the Middle East,” he continued. “[Putin] is eating the United States’ lunch. Repeatedly.”

Hugh Hewitt talks about the 2016 presidential race (Getty Images)

Hugh Hewitt talks about the 2016 presidential race (Getty Images)

Hewitt added that he wishes Trump would make that distinction.

“I think he ought to begin every statement about Russia by saying Putin is an evil man and they are eating our lunch because of American appeasement under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

“Ever since the Russian reset button, [Putin] has been on the march,” Hewitt explained. The radio host was also surprised to “hear Adam Schiff announce that we should increase our military presence in the South China Sea, when Schiff and President Obama and Hillary Clinton support sequestration.”

“Donald Trump called for the end of sequestration two days ago. Hillary Clinton has not.”

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