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‘Worst Single Day’: Oliver North Recounts 9/11, Looks To The Future Of America [VIDEO]

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Col. Oliver North, a combat-decorated Marine who loves his country, says September 11, 2001 was the “worst single day for American civilians in history; the world’s bloodiest terror attack.”

Each year, he thinks 9/11 should be commemorated by praying for the families who lost loved ones or are still recovering. This year, North thinks we also need to use our upcoming elections to elect people who can ensure it never happens again.

Filmed at his Freedom Alliance in Virginia, which helps hurt heroes, North covers a wide array of topics in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

He discusses Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, the national security implications of the coming election, President Barack Obama’s cash to Iran for hostages, the story of the Islamic terrorists who tried to kill him and more.

North believes Clinton’s actions of moving classified documents in unsecured emails for her own convenience put our national security at risk and her above the law.

“How the FBI could conclude that her crime does not need to be prosecuted when they’ve prosecuted others for the same thing” astounds him. He added, “I was prosecuted by the government of the United States for altering, destroying or removing classified government documents, as a young marine major.”

“It rankles just a tad seeing someone else living by a different standard who gets away with doing the same thing and not prosecuted,” North said.

Beyond that, he says, “We are seeing repeated crimes of enormous corruption in large part, not so much for money, but for power in the hands of a few, to have two sets of rules. It’s wrong.”

North, again noting a double standard, discusses Obama’s giving Iran cash for hostages, when his own life was upended by a prosecution for an Israeli idea of arms, not money, for hostages.

“This Administration’s chicanery, its boldness, in carrying out things that are contrary to the best interests of America” roils him. He adds, the outcome of Obama’s appeasement with Iran will be disastrous for America’s interests.

He firmly believes the mainstream media has abdicated its responsibility to the public and is guilty of covering up how bad things are. He also is highly critical of military leadership, who while in service, are getting into politics and even endorsing candidates.

Reacting to Clinton’s pledge recently at the American Legion to protect Gold Star mothers, North says, it is obviously “easy to lie to the public when the media won’t hold politicians accountable.”

“Fact is, Hillary Clinton is responsible for a lot of those Gold Star mothers.” He continued, she lied to a Gold Star mother who lost her son in Benghazi.

North purports that the “only purpose to have a military is to deter war and win war if you have to fight it.” He adds, “If what you are doing to the military is not improving the readiness of the force to do its clear mission, then don’t do it. Soldiers ask North when he embeds with them, ‘why aren’t we fighting to win? Why are our hands tied?’”

For more on Col. Oliver North, see Freedom Alliance’s work here or his Facebook page. He hosts the Fox News show, “War Stories with Oliver North.”  You can get one of his 13 best-selling books here.

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