Callers Flood C-SPAN With Hilarious Theories About Why Hillary Wears Pantsuits [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Callers flooded CSPAN’s Monday morning talk lines with conspiracy theories about why Hillary Clinton wears pantsuits.


Dee from Florida, calling on the Republican line, stated “that when you look very, very closely” at the video of Clinton’s Sunday “medical episode,” you can see a “metal” object fall out of her left pant leg.

“Right when she’s waiting at the vehicle to get in, something drops out of her leg leg, her pant leg,” Dee explained. “Something metal or some silver thing… and this one time she was having a rally, and she had a red or maroon type pantsuit on. She doesn’t turn her back to the audience that much… but she had this thing bulging right at above her knee, right at the back of her leg.”

Robert, a Democrat from Massachusetts, picked up on Dee’s point, adding “that the reason you see Hillary Clinton wearing pants all the time is because of the blood clots in her legs.”

“Since she started wearing pants, she’s been getting sick. We don’t want what happened with Woodrow Wilson. He was sick for two years, and nobody knew it. His wife had to take care of him… Ronald Reagan in his last days, he had Alzheimer’s.”

Tim from Pennsylvania, an independent voter, said that “both candidates need to release their medical records so we know exactly what’s going on.”

“I feel for Hillary, I hope she’s alright,” he continued. “I just think she could probably pass away, God forbid, and we wouldn’t hear about it until after the election.”

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