Chris Brown Refused To Stand For The National Anthem On 9-11

(Photo: TMZ video screengrab)

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Chris Brown has joined Colin Kaepernick in his protest of the national anthem.

(Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Power 105.1)

(Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Power 105.1)

The 27-year-old singer stayed seated while a man sang the national anthem before a charity basketball game in Los Angeles on Sunday. Though Tank — an R&B singer — called on the crowd to sing with him on the fifteen anniversary of 9/11, Brown remained on the floor.


“I understand everybody’s exercising their right to stand or to sit, and exercising their right to freedom and justice,” Tank told the arena, “But in the wake of 9/11, please understand and respect the fact that real men and women and children lost their lives for this very thing we are able to stand for today.”

“I’d love it if everybody in this building could sing along with me.” (RELATED: Wayne Newton To Colin Kaepernick: ‘Get The Hell Out Of Here’)

Brown seemed to dispute reports that he refused to stand — even though there is video evidence — in an Instagram post.

“Stay classy,” he captioned the photo.

In August, Brown got into a standoff with police after a woman claimed he pulled a gun on her in the middle of the night.

“I’m not coming out,” Brown said in one of three videos he posted on his Instagram account. “For what? I ain’t did shit, I ain’t gonna do shit, and it’s always going to be fuck the police. Black lives matter.”

“When you get the warrant, or whatever you need to do, you’re going to walk right up in here and see nothing, you idiots. Y’all are the worst gang in the world and I said it. Fuck you.”