Trump Brings Supporters On Stage To Smack Hillary: ‘My Wife And I Are Not Deplorable People’ [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor

At a rally in North Carolina, Donald Trump brought supporters up on stage and invited them to respond to Hillary Clinton’s assertion that his supporters are a “basket of deplorables.”

One pair, a married African American couple who told the crowd they’ve spent a combined 85 years in public education, said, “My wife and I represent non-deplorable people.”

“We are not racists at all,” he continued. “We don’t even fit on that list that she put out.”

“As a black, female American, I say let’s get out and support Donald Trump,” his wife exclaimed.

Trump then invited anyone else on stage who wanted to speak to say something.

“I am, probably, a lot of things, deplorable is not one of them, I assure you,” the next woman said. “So, we are going to make America great again. And Hillary needs to take a nap.”

“Do I look deplorable? What? I am a wife, a mother, I work full time, and I am voting for Donald Trump,” another woman exclaimed. “And Mrs. Clinton, you can go home!”