Massachusetts Voters Oppose Charter Schools

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Likely voters in Massachusetts oppose charter schools, according to a local poll released Tuesday.

More voters oppose charter schools than support them, although the poll numbers are close to a plurality, at 48 percent opposed, compared to 41 percent who support, expanding the charter school program.

“Not everybody can go to the charter schools, and the charter schools aren’t regulated like the public schools are, so, you’re lucky if you hit a good charter school, but if you don’t, it’s … not good, and I feel like everybody should have the same education,” Paula Trantor told WBUR.

The poll included two questions about charter schools: “Do you think charter schools drain money from other public schools, or not?” and “Do you think the quality of education at charter schools is mostly better, worse, or about the same when compared to other public schools?”

Forty-six percent of likely Massachusetts voters believe that charter schools  drain money away from other public schools, with only 38 percent saying the schools don’t drain additional funds.

A plurality of 39 percent of voters each said that charter schools are better than other public schools, but 39 percent of voters reported that charter schools are about the same.  Only 6 percent of voters believe that charter schools are worse than other public schools. Fifteen percent of voters remained undecided.

Massachusetts voters face a proposition that would allow for 12 more charter schools in the state within the next year.

The poll surveyed 506 likely voters in the state of Massachusetts, and ran from Sept. 7 through Sept. 10. The poll carried a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points in either direction.

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