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NYT’s Charles Blow Keeps Asking The Lord To Help Him Get Through The News Cycle

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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NYT lefty columnist Charles Blow is having a rough time.

So much so that he’s blowing in the wind and praying his way through the news cycle.

As The Mirror previously reported, over the weekend he revealed that people were subconsciously racist because they wouldn’t sit next to him on the Acela.

But now, a look at his Twitter feed makes him sound like he’s being downright spiritually tortured.

Is that possible? Is Blow being tortured by members of the media who are apparently so much dumber than he is?

“Lord, if these are my trials, grant me the patience of Job… #SitDownChachi,” he wrote in response to Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio (i.e. Chachi from Happy Days) believing that Hillary Clinton has a body double.

Early Monday evening, his faith was being tested even more than by Chachi’s belief system. “My patience is wearing thin,” he wrote.  “Taking a walk before my next segment… #FreshAir”

By nearly 9 p.m he hadn’t calmed down any: “Lord, let me just go to sleep and start anew in the morn, amen #TheStuggleIsExhausting”

But really, sadly, Tuesday isn’t going much better for him.

“Tried to watch morning news,” he wrote. “Turned it off. Shock media disappointing. This is real life. Not a game. I’ll pass…”

Boy, Blow leads a rough life.

At this rate, he’s going to blow a gasket later on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon.