Russians Also Hacked The RNC, House Homeland Security Chair Reveals

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Update: Rep. Mike McCaul issued a statement walking back his assertion shortly after the interview, saying it was not the RNC, but Republican operatives who were hacked. 

“I misspoke by asserting that the RNC was hacked,” he said. “What I had intended to say was that in addition to the DNC hack, Republican political operatives have also been hacked.”

The Republican National Committee has also been hacked by the Russians, the House Homeland Security Chair said Wednesday.

Republican Rep. Mike McCaul broke the news of the hack in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, saying the Russians have hacked both parties. “It’s important to note Wolf, that they have not only hacked into the DNC but also into the RNC, so they are not discriminating one party against the other,” he said. “The Russians are basically, have hacked into both parties at the national level, and that gives us all concern about what their motivations are.”

Blitzer pressed McCaul, apparently informing him he had broken the news of the hack and asking him to confirm.

“Yes, they have hacked into the Republican National Committee,” McCaul said. “So this is uh, again they’re not picking sides here I don’t think. They’re hacking into both political parties.


RNC’s chief strategist Sean Spicer quickly refuted the report on Twitter, saying there is “no known breech” of GOP networks.

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