EXCLUSIVE: Berkeley Student Mob Shuts Down Pro-Trump Demonstration [VIDEO]

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Students at University of California, Berkeley repeatedly disrupted a pro-Trump demonstration this past Monday, shouting obscenities at Project Veritas activists before completely shutting it down.

“So y’all aren’t going to complain that you don’t have free speech, right? I just want to make sure,” a Berkeley student tells James O’Keefe, Project Veritas founder and conservative activist, in a video first obtained by The Daily Caller.

O’Keefe replies that students might shut down his chalking and wall set-up.

“No, they won’t,” the student says in return.

O’Keefe was posing as a Berkeley student, though he was recognized by one person who said he was a “big fan.” A college newspaper article reported that O’Keefe was involved, though it mistakenly identified his group as “Project Libertas.”

Video shows students repeatedly knocking down O’Keefe’s mock cardboard brick wall using their bikes and a water bottle. (EXCLUSIVE: Ivy League Student Brought To Tears By Trump Chalking [VIDEO])

O’Keefe repeatedly rebuilds the wall, but at one point is encircled by students yelling “Undocumented! Unafraid!” and “Fuck your wall!”

They take the bricks and then make a human chain blocking him from building the wall, while they pour water over his pro-Trump chalkings.


When O’Keefe visited Columbia University in August, one student was brought to tears over the pro-Trump demonstration there.