Clay Travis: The NCAA Is A Communist Organization [VIDEO]

Clay Travis, NCAA (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Fox Sports Live, Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Outkick the Coverage founder and Fox Sports pundit Clay Travis believes that the NCAA is like a communist organization.

Travis targeted the NCAA on his Thursday episode of his “Outkick” show and said the following:

The NCAA, which just pulled its events out of Charlotte, is one of the most illegitimate, dishonest, bullshit organizations in the history of our country. The NCAA when you break it down at its most basic level has one job. It is to ensure that young talented athletes who play basketball and football make no money off of their talents. In fact the large degree that the NCAA focuses on is the pursuit of improper benefits. What are improper benefits? I’m glad you asked. Improper benefits are what everybody else would call pay, i.e. in America today, certainly Outkick is in favor of and the majority of you listening today are in favor of, you should be able to make as much money of of your talent as you possibly can. I hate organizations that try to restrict the ability of people in America to sell their talents for as much as they possibly can. The NCAA exists as a fundamentally communist organization.

WATCH (starts at 5:30):

The NCAA has been the center of lots of media attention after pulling March Madness games out of North Carolina because the state has a law stopping transgender men from using the same bathrooms as little girls. (RELATED: Hookstead’s Hot Take: The NCAA Doesn’t Care About Mentally Ill Men In Your Daughter’s Bathroom)

It appears that criticism of the NCAA won’t end anytime soon.

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