Clinton Fnd Pres Flips: ‘I Don’t Care Who Asked For What’ … Political Favors ‘Never Happened’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In a Thursday morning interview on CNN, Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala argued that improper, pay-for-play behavior “never happened” at the Clinton Foundation because those types of relationships used to be standard operating procedure in business and government.


“Guess what. That never happened. It never happened,” Shalala emphatically told “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota. “I don’t care who asked for what. It never happened. It just did not happen.”

“But were you comfortable with the Clinton Foundation executives asking State Department for favors and access?” Camerota asked the foundation president.

“Um, you know, no one should cross any line,” Shalala responded. “Requesting a courtesy meeting when I was secretary of HHS, for instance, by a Republican senator was not unusual.”

“Any cabinet officer knows that members of your committees will call up and say, ‘Hey, listen, I’ve got this guy that’s got a way of saving money in health care, so will you see him as a favor to me?'”

“So business as usual, is what you’re saying?” posed Camerota.

“No, and business as usual is not acceptable anymore in government,” Shalala answered. “Because we have better disclosure than we have ever had before.”

Shalala’s comments come only days after she admitted on CNN that Clinton Foundation donors received “courtesy appointments” during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. (VIDEO: Clinton Foundation President: ‘No Question’ Donors Received ‘Courtesy Appointments’)

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