The Season For Indoor Cooking Is Here, But At Least This Griddler Is On Sale

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The end of summer means the end of summer grilling, so I really hope you have kitchen appliances that allow you to make food indoors. If you don’t, you should definitely get some. This deal is a good start.

This Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler is 33 percent off, today only. The discount will save you $25 on something you should have in your home (but perhaps do not). The griddler has five functions: contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle. That’s a lot of ways to cook your food!

This multi-purpose indoor grill is on sale today only (Photo via Amazon)

This multi-purpose indoor grill is on sale today only (Photo via Amazon)

Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 Griddler on sale for $49.99

There’s a reason this is the single best selling indoor grill. Over 6,600 customers have reviewed this product, giving it an average of 4.4 stars (with the majority deeming it a 5-star product).

Here are some of their reviews. Nathan wrote:

This has earned a permanent spot on my counter-top. It is incredibly versatile, and very easy to clean after use. In fact, it is so much easier to clean than my stovetop that I’ve started using it instead in a lot of cases. Makes a perfect panini, but also does a great job with just about anything else. Ascetically I like it quite a bit as well, with the industrial styling, silver finish and red knobs it looks a little retro (in a good way) to me. I got this on a Prime Day sale, but would definitely buy it again even at full price.

Shelly goes so far as to call it the “best indoor grill so far”:

I have tried the Villaware Uni panini grill, the Delonghi open countertop grill and another panini type grill (approx $90), and returned them all (ouch, those return shipping charges hurt). I never considered the Geroge Foreman grills because they always felt cheaply made to me, not to mention many unfavorable reviews).

None of the grills/panini presses that I tried got hot enough to work well for me. They just did not grill as much as steam,bake cook the food, and they all took a longer time to do so than I was willing to wait.

I never was bothered by cleanup, though. I always just wipe the hot plates with wet paper towel, let it then cool a bit, and wash with wet sponge. Works on them all.

So I just gave up and bought some stovetop grill pans and have used them for the past year or so. They do get as hot as you want but you do have to turn the food to cook both sides.

Being a kitchen appliance junkie, I decided to try the Cuisinart Griddler this year.

I love the size (great for just 2 people, though) as I do not anticipate using it in the full open position. And it is handsome as handsome can be to me. Very commercial looking on a very small scale. (I was chef/owner of a restaurant for 13 years.)

And cleanup is easy. Although I still use the wet paper towel and sponge for immediate cleanup, the removable plates (very easy to take off and put back on) make washing in sink or dishwasher other options, Although the plates are nonstick, it is best to use vegetable spray or oil on the food (I prefer this rather than spraying the whole plate.)

There are 3 controls–griddle temperature selector, on/off to select either griddle or panini/grill, and panini/grill temperature selector. There is no timer so there is a small learning curve to learn when your food is cooked. Expect to overcook many things at first as the griddler really cooks quickly.

There’s a short electrical cord, about 34″ usable length. Solid construction. Hinged top does settle squarely on the food. Because there the griddler is flat with no slope like the Foreman and other grills, vegetables will not roll off or toward the front.

It takes about 5 minutes to preheat and then, wow, it really grills. Salmon took just 3 minutes. I overcooked my halved zuchinni in just a few minutes.

You can hear the instant sizzle sound but don’t go to far away as it cooks more quikly than you might be used to.

We don’t eat fatty meats (like burgers) so I cannot comment on the grease/drip factor but with fish, seafood, chicken and vegetables, there is absolutely no splatter.

It can cool down quickly if left open, a disadvantage while cooking but an advantage for cleaning.

Again, the most important factor for me was how hot the grill got (and quickly as well) This, of course, leads to perfect grilling on both sides.

I just love my griddler.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

This #1 Cuisinart Griddler is 33 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

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