The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Can Be Easily Resolved

Andrew Kevorkian Public Relations Consultant
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The resolution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is, indeed, simple.

The solution is called “self-determination of peoples.”

This means that if a minority comprises a majority in a certain area, it should be entitled to become a state of its own.  N-K (or “Artsakh,” as the Armenians refer to the area) was traditionally Armenian for centuries until it was given to Azerbaijan (along with a similar area east of Armenia, called Nahkichevan) by Stalin in the early 1920s in order (successfully) to keep the area under tension and not bother with what was going on in Moscow (and as part of the short-lived alliance between Turkey and the USSR).

As a result, over the years, Nahkichevan, which was at least 90 percent Armenian (according to estimates) has been completed denuded of its Armenian population and its largest and most famous cemetery, with more than 10,000 burials, has been completely concreted over (what Armenian presence?).

The people of N-K, didn’t want the same to happen to them and, following the procedures of the Soviet Constitution, began the movement of separation from Azerbaijani (which may or may not have brought on the death of the Soviet Union) and the war ensued.  Prior to N-K’s separation from Azerbaijan, the Armenians were second-class citizens and did not have the same full rights of the Azeri citizens–they were not permitted any Churches and Armenian newspapers, they were not permitted to listen to or watch Armenians radio and television, their products brought less at the markets than those of the Azeris, and so on and so on and…

The alternative to “self-determination” is “territorial integrity.”  If the world were consistent in the conflict between these two principles, again the solution would be simple.  However, the world is not consistent.

The world — or the sad excuse for a “world” — is dictated to by Washington, which is dictated to by Turkey in matters-Armenian, and Turkey wants the principles of “territorial integrity” to apply to the N-K matter.

However, in Cyprus, Turkey violates the “territorial integrity” of the Republic of Cyprus as it continues to occupy 38 percent of the north of the island–with America’s support, naturally.

And, of course, America violated the “territorial integrity” of Serbia (again at Turkey’s instructions) by creating a Kosovo.

The Armenian position is that when there is a settlement — an independent Artsakh — then the surrounding Azeri territories will be returned to Azerbaijan.  Thus, the solution is, in effect, in the hands of Baku:- accept that the Armenians have a right to self-determination, and get back the rest of its territories.

While the over-rated ANC will be flattered by your essay, it does not represent the Armenian Diaspora and does not speak for the me, for instance.  The facts speak for me.

And, if the “Armenian Lobby” is so effective, how is it that America hasn’t changed sides  (and still takes its directions from Turkey) and hasn’t taken up the Armenian cause and enforced a solution?