House Expected To Vote On At Least 49 Bills Next Week

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON—A large load of legislation awaits House lawmakers next week and some staff is concerned.

At least 49 House bills are scheduled under suspension of the rules, which means each bill can only pass with a two-thirds majority vote and debate time is set at only 40 minutes. Additionally, members cannot amend bills on the floor while under suspension.

Capitol Hill insiders indicated to The Daily Caller that there is concern that some bills could just be voiced voted due to the overwhelming amount of legislation. “So we have to have the floor covered all week,” one source said.

Among the number of bills under suspension include designating postal facilities. Other pieces of legislation lawmakers will vote on are the “District of Columbia Judicial Financial Transparency Act,” “Modernizing Government Travel Act,” “Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act,” and “Cyber Preparedness Act of 2016.”


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