Jimmy Fallon Responds To Critics Who Say He Went Easy On Donald Trump [VIDEO]

(Photo: YouTube screengrab)

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Jimmy Fallon responded to his critics who claim he took it easy on Donald Trump on the “Tonight Show” last week.

“Have you seen my show?” Fallon responded. “I’m never too hard on anyone.”

TMZ caught up with Fallon following the Emmy Awards show and asked him a few questions about his interview with the Republican nominee for President.

The talk show host compared Trump’s hair to the fake grass people use in Easter baskets, calling it a “fascinating texture.” Fallon also admitted he gave Donald a 2-minute heads up that he was about to feel his hair on live television.

“We always ask everybody before,” Fallon told TMZ, “I’m not one of those ‘gotcha’ people.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will appear on the Tonight Show Monday.