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These Headphones Use A Lightning Cable And Also They Are $90 Off

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce

If you paid attention to Apple’s big iPhone 7 announcement, you heard the death knell for the headphone jack. You need to find a new way to listen to music, and Apple gave you two options. You can either bite the bullet and get the company’s $160 wireless bluetooth AirPods or you can get headphones that connect to your phone via lightning cable. This deal is meant for those who plan to go the latter route.

Right now, Brightech lightning headphones are 69 percent off. Normally $130, you can currently own a pair for a mere $40.

These lightning headphones are $90 off (Photo via Amazon)

These lightning headphones are $90 off (Photo via Amazon)

Brightech Apple MFI Approved Pure Lightning Headphones on sale for $39.99

Here are the details:

  • WALLET-FRIENDLY, HIGH-QUALITY: Comparable in style & performance to Philips Fidelio headphones, Brightech’s Pure Lightning model provides audiophile-pleasing, digital quality at a much better price.

  • WORKS WITH iPHONES, iPODS, AND iPADS: Pure Lightning’s 8-pin connector provides signals of pure sound from your favorite devices. These headphones are Apple MFi licensed & certified. (Note: not compatible with USB.)

  • SLEEK LOOK, COMFORT, IMPECCABLE SOUND: Comfortable to wear, thanks to soft leatherette foam pouches that cushion your ears. Jet-black design accented by cranberry red trim on the shell circumference. Best of all: 24-bit digital audio!

  • IN-LINE REMOTE: Stay in control at the push of a button. Raise or lower the volume from + and – controls on your cable cord. The middle button gives you track skip and pause functionality.

This is what they look like collapsed:

This is a good deal considering how important lightning headphones just became (Photo via Amazon)

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