Dear Never Trump

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P. H. Guthrie Freelance Writer
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Conservatives complaining that Donald Trump isn’t one of them are right. Stipulate every rumored or known negative about Trump to be true. They don’t matter. I’ll tell you why.

Eight years ago I voted for Barack Obama. I thought he’d be a disaster and in that respect, I wasn’t disappointed. I was where you, Never Trump, are now – caught between despising the nominee and loathing the alternative.

John McCain was everything I hated about establishment Republicans. His ‘Maverick’ shtick bashed conservatives to position himself as a ‘reasonable’ Republican. You couldn’t turn on a Sunday talk show without seeing his toothy grin. Did the media whore know he was only invited on the networks to serve liberals? Did he even care?

McCain joined Russ Feingold to push campaign finance “reform,” and sanctimoniously trashed defenders of the 1st Amendment as corrupt sellouts. When the law passed, money migrated out of the parties into unaccountable super PACs, just as the opponents said it would.

McCain joined Ted Kennedy to push immigration “reform” – don’t call it amnesty! Big business Republicans wanted cheap labor. Democrats wanted a low income, non-English speaking electorate they could addict to welfare and grievance politics. The Maverick served both.

At the height of the financial crisis, McCain demanded Republican Christopher Cox, Chairman of the SEC, be fired. Never mind the trillions in bad loans mandated by Democrats Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, jet-fueled by Fannie Mae fraud. But that was McCain’s standard operating procedure: when in doubt, find the nearest conservative and attack him, usually in personal and insulting terms.

When it came to time to take the fight to the Left after the primaries, McCain’s heart wasn’t in it, because it never had been. He was more concerned with maintaining his standing inside the Beltway than with winning. I voted against McCain (and for Barack Obama), but it has been a bitter pill to swallow.

Whatever John McCain would’ve done to the Republican Party is nothing, nothing, compared to what Barack Obama did to the United States. Likewise, whatever you think Trump may do, or however much you think he’s an embarrassment, the man does not set out every day to destroy the nation. Trump is proud to be an American. Obama and Hillary put our country down and kick it like a broke-dick dog.

We’re told by our would-be betters that Trump does not behave properly. This is from the same Hamptons-Hollywood clique that adores Hillary’s husband, the global grifter and serial sex predator. So embezzling from charities and “dicking bimbos” is presidential, but denouncing illegal immigration is beyond the pale?

I voted for Ted Cruz. Trump wasn’t my second or even third pick, but just because my guy lost doesn’t mean I’m taking my ball and going home. Trump won fairly and bought millions of new voters into the party. His present efforts in African-American communities and other traditional democrat constituencies may be surprisingly successful. Trump is fighting to win, and after Romney, McCain, and Bush’s second term, that is a very welcome change.

There are approximately 8000 positions in the Executive Branch other than the Oval Office that are decided by the presidential vote, plus at least one Supreme Court seat. Trump is going to have a host of good people helping him, from Mike Pence on down.

Look around at the bastards working for Obama: the IRS scum still squeezing our volunteers; the Justice hack covering up administration crimes; the educrat pushing PC fascism in our schools; the tranny-sensitivity trainer lecturing military officers; the EPA brown bra with her green goddess vegan religion; the nomenklatura apologist at State funneling taxpayer money to jihad; the Veteran’s Affairs clerk cooking the books while heroes die waiting in line; and on, and on.

These are the individuals and groups that you, Never Trump, would empower. You don’t like our dog food – I get it – would you prefer to eat their dog sh*t?

In case you tuned out The Donald six months ago, he’s been saying a lot of things conservatives have wanted to hear for a long time. Maybe I’m just a cheap date, but anyone belting out that Crooked Hillary belongs in prison has got my vote. Add in school choice, rebuilding the military, sealing the border, slaughtering ISIS, renegotiating trade deals, and I’m sorry, what are we arguing about here?

Trump looks funny. He says insulting and inappropriate things. He should know more about policy. He’s a braggart, and his manner can be grating. There’s no guarantee he’ll be a good president, and he may turn out to be a bad one. Fair enough.

Now, shall we discuss Hillary Clinton, the person you, Never Trump, are voting for or are otherwise allowing to become president? After eight interminable years, my nightmare of voting for Obama is over on 20 January 2017. Get down on your knees and pray like Monica, Never Trump; that your nightmare never begins.

The author has worked on numerous statewide political campaigns in Virginia, South Dakota and Washington, D.C. He currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area.