Trump Releases New Campaign Ad ‘Movement’

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The Trump campaign released its latest TV ad titled “Movement” Monday. The ad is intended to ride the wave of enthusiasm the Republican nominee has gained in the last few weeks and solidify his support among voters.

The ad begins with a voiceover that says, “It’s a movement, not a campaign” and later saying “Doing what others called impossible.”

The new ad is scheduled to run nationally on cable and select broadcast programming.

“While Hillary Clinton ‘distracts and diverts’ attention away from her horrific record with negative advertisements that lack substance, our campaign plans on promoting the positive energy that has turned Mr. Trump’s campaign into a full-fledged movement. Donald Trump has been a successful businessman his entire life and is the only candidate that provides common sense solutions to the problems that face everyday Americans,” Trump Senior Communication Advisor Jason Miller said in a statement.

He added, “Hillary Clinton has spent over two decades serving Washington D.C.’s rigged system, while Mr. Trump believes in the promise of the American Dream, and will never stop doing what it takes to Make America Great Again.”

Polls in battleground states and nationally have tightened up in the last few weeks and According to Advertising Age, The Trump campaign and its PACs  have spent a fraction in TV and radio ads from September 16 through the election compared to the Clinton campaign its PACs.

Ad Age notes that early last week, “Trump’s campaign engaged in some insta-advertising — quickly creating an ad that slammed Hillary Clinton for slamming Trump supporters with her notorious ‘deplorables’ comment; it was slated to get TV time in at least four battleground states: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”

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