Dem Rep. Trolls Trump, Eats Skittles During IRS Impeachment Hearing

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Democratic Illinois Rep. Luis Gutiérrez ate Skittles and took indirect potshots at Donald Trump on Wednesday during IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

“I’m going to finish up this Skittle,” Gutiérrez said. “I really love Skittles cause as you see they come orange, yellow, red, and purple. All different colors. And they come all together in a bag, together, right? All different colors, kind of like a rainbow. A lot of people on this side of the aisle, we like that.”

The Illinois Democrat was referencing Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet warning against the mass resettlement of Syrian refugees to the U.S. by comparing them to a bowl of Skittles with three that “would kill you.”

According to Gutiérrez, even if there is a bad Skittle here and there, that’s no reason to ban them.

“[E]very now and then—sorry, I’ll get a bad Skittle. But I don’t ban them all because I get one. Most of the Skittles are pretty delicious. I like them. They may not be nutritious but they’re delicious. Just like we shouldn’t ban all the little girls fleeing murder and rape, human bondage and torture. We shouldn’t ban them all. Just like we wouldn’t ban all the Skittles. There might be one bad Skittle,” he said.

Trump has been warning against the mass resettlement of refugees from terrorist hot-beds, arguing that they represent a national security concern. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration says it plans to resettle 110,000 refugees next fiscal year, 30 percent more than this fiscal year. The administration has admitted more than 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. this year.

Gutiérrez, for his part, concluded his jabs at Trump by promising to share some of the Skittles with the embattled IRS commissioner.

“I have a few extra bags of Skittles, and I’m going to share them with you and your staff so that after this reckless and bitter hearing you can get a small amount of sweet candy to improve the rest of your day.”

Caroline May