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Virtual reality is the future. There’s no doubt about that. My friend recently got a VR headset for smartphone games, and he absolutely loves it. The only problem is the usually exorbitant price of the bigger VR systems. (For example, an Oculus Rift costs $600).

The only way to get an affordable virtual reality headset is to search for deals. Well, if you’ve found it. Right now, Daily Caller readers can get an exclusive 33 percent off discount on a great VR set. Just use the code 4OYNVQ4E.

Daily Caller readers can get this headset for just $16 (Photo via Amazon)

Daily Caller readers can get this headset for just $16 (Photo via Amazon)

Habor 3D Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphones on sale for $15.99 with code 4OYNVQ4E

Like many other VR sets, the Habor 3D glasses connect to your smartphone and allow you to immerse yourself in gameplay. There are over 300 apps and games available to experience, so you will definitely get your money’s worth here. You can also use it to watch 3D movies.

This a great starter VR set for those who want something of a higher quality than the Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard goes for $12, and customers say that this Habor is “is WAY better than a Google cardboard.”

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Ron Watts calls his review “See Paris For The Price Of A Meal“:

This is giving me more fun than I’ve had in decades! I no longer ride extreme roller coaster rides, have no interest in learning to skateboard, and wouldn’t go scuba diving in the South Pacific, but with this headset I don’t need to. No, I wouldn’t walk a tightrope across a four hundred foot chasm, nor would I bungee jump into a great canyon, but all this is possible without ever leaving home. You get the experience without the nausea and danger that goes with it. More to the point: This is a plastic housing with lenses and you fit your smartphone into the front of it to have that 3D experience. My old iPhone 5 works just perfectly, and the padding around the eyes makes it quite comfortable. The straps are adjustable for a good fit and it is quick and easy to take your phone out to change to another 3D video. I’m thinking of taking European vacations to all the sights without getting sick on the food or going broke over the expense, just by buying 3D vacation tours.

Set up your video, set up some bluetooth earphones or plug in a wired set, and talk about virtual reality! The headpiece fits around most glasses, and the little wheel on top lets you adjust the video so it looks right to you. Both my wife and son wear glasses and had no problems with them. I am simply amazed at how much better VR is with a headset instead of just looking at your phone’s screen and moving it around. The roller coaster ride was fantastic! Now I’ve gotta go hang gliding (virtually, of course)!

Another customer said that “VR is awesome” with this headset:

I decided to review these VR Glasses on a whim and because I was curious about all the fuss of virtual reality. We’ve all seen it in the movies and I wanted to experience it for myself and find out if it is a fun way to entertain oneself. My experience, quite frankly because in this area of tech I am underinformed, was initally unfavorable because I thought you just popped in a smartphone with a movie running and instantly got virtual reality, or 3D. Well, that was dumb, right? Then I thought, well you need to be watching a movie that is 3D,but I could not do that because I don’t own one. So finally, I did what I should have done first. I read the product page and checked a couple other reviews and found out you need to download VR apps from, in my case, the Google Play Store, and be sure they are split screen mode. That means when looking at them without the glasses there are two screens with a line running down the middle.

I downloaded one video that was a roller coaster and that was an eye opening and stomach churning experience. I mean literally stomach churning. It was truly like being on the coaster (which by the way, I hate all amusement park rides since a bad childhood scare. I just don’t do roller coasters) for real. I thought what’s the worst that can happen. I am sitting on my couch, no adrenaline rush (a sensation I do not care for), I’m safe.

Well I can tell you now it was thrilling and fun and I loved it … right up til the moment when I began to feel a bit queasy. 15 seconds later I was ripping the VR glasses off because I had become disoriented from experiencing a virtual roller coaster ride. It was that vivid and real. I can only say, bravo Habor, you have made something wonderful.

My next step was to find some apps, no more roller coasters, that would give me an enjoyable VR experience without the queasiness. I found a Pac-man game and a space shoot em up game. They were so much fun! In pac-man you are pac-man and you follow (by leaning left, right, forward, backward) the white dots through a maze and eat them, all the while avoiding the three large colored dots. The perspective is they are large, as tall as you are. It was so much fun and no queasiness. I just got eaten every time. I have to practice more. The really cool thing is you start games like this by focussing on a start button with your eyes. I just could not get over how cool the VR glasses were. I cannot wait for more apps to show up on Google Play.

In the second game I was in outerspace piloting a space ship that is fighting off enemy ships attacking my space station. I was able to turn my head around and see all the structures of the space station in glorious 3D and watch as the enemy ships, a variety of them, flew into my range, tracer bullets (or energy photons) flying at me. By focusing on the ships when they were in range I was able to shoot them down. The timer counted them down as each level required you to shoot more down to advance. Again, game options were selected by focusing a cursor on your choices.

The VR glasses themselves are quite comfortable. Obviously large and different than goggles like snorkeling goggles, heavier,but not too heavy. The straps go over your head and around the sides with a plastic curved plate in the back. The straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit. The area around your eyes is padded quite well with leather and there is no real discomfort wearing them for a little while. On the top is a small lever and dial, one which adjusts pupil distance the other adjusts object distance. I wear corrective glasses,but was able to adjust everything to see clearly without them.

Flipping open the front brings you to the smartphone port. You place it between the padded plate which is about two and a half inches by one and a half inches (pictures on the plate show how to place the phone but it’s easy to tell) and a removable thin neoprene EVA mat for phones between 4.0 and 5.0 inches. Remove this for larger phones.

Each of my reviews is very sincere because I depend on quality reviews when I buy on Amazon, so I take the evaluation process very seriously. […].

In conclusion, I am ecstatic with these glasses. A whole new world of entertainment has opened for me. I normally don’t play any video games, except for trivia games, but using these glasses I find myself going to the Play store regularly to see what is new in the VR game world. It’s fun to put the glasses on and immerse yourself in, say,a galaxy and be able to see 360 degrees of planets, stars,nebulas, spaceships. I cannot wait for Apps to catch up with hardware so there is more fun to be had. So don’t waste time. Get a pair of these glasses, head on over to the appstore for IOS or the Play store for Android and have some virtual fun. You guys are gonna love it!

You can take a look at all the reviews at the product page.

This girl seems amazed at the virtual reality (Photo via Amazon)

This girl seems amazed at the virtual reality (Photo via Amazon)

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