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The Revolutionary AimWell Targets System Is Great For Gun Owners [VIDEO]

AimWell (Credit: Aimwell Targets)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The AimWell Targets system is a great tool for becoming a more proficient shooter.

When I received my target system I was skeptical at first at the idea I could become a better shooter using anything other than an actual gun and bullets. However, I was quickly impressed. The replica Glock laser pistol felt heavy in my hand just like the real thing. I was blown away by the accuracy of the laser replica.

We quickly installed the necessary software, which at this time is only available on PC, and set up the five targets around the office. Myself and a handful of other “shooters” were selected to run through the four available drills of Bill Drill, Mass Attack, Chase The Ball and Freestyle. All of us have different levels of skill with weapons, but it became clear very quickly that the program is user friendly regardless of skill level or experience.

We drilled the targets as the computers clocked our times. The two best drills in my opinion were Mass Attack and Freestyle. The first simulated up to five potential attackers that needed to be taken out. We ran the drill under several different scenarios. Sometimes shooters knew target locations and other times they had to operate under surprise. Freestyle allows you to just place the targets anywhere and shoot without any kind of restrictions and is the best for just getting the feel of the system.

The most obvious advantage to the AimWell Targets system is the fact that you don’t have to break the bank on ammunition or wear and tear on your weapon. The trigger on the Glock has a nice feel and break to it. Obviously there is no recoil on the replica weapon which should be noted. However, this doesn’t hamper the training much.

Overall, the system is worth every dollar if you’re serious about getting better with your weapon and saving some money on ammunition.

Click here to check out the AimWell Target System.

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