This Premium Electric Razor Does Not Cost $600 At The Moment, So That’s Good News

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As you probably gathered by the title of this post, this Panasonic electric razor (and charge station) normally costs $600. Why is it so expensive? I (or the product description, rather) will tell you why:

  • Premium, award-winning Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV81-K 5-blade mens electric razor uses ultra-sharp, 30° angled hypoallergenic blades for exceptional closeness and comfort.

  • Our fastest, most powerful Hyper Performance linear motor delivers 14,000 cuts her minute – that’s 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute across 5 Arc5 blades – for fast, efficient shaving.

  • Multi-FlexTM pivoting head enables the Panasonic Arc 5 shaver to glide effortlessly along the face, chin, neck and jaw for a smooth, even shave and Multi-fit ARC foil gently conforms to individual facial contours for the outstanding comfort.

  • The LV81 includes a premium Automatic Cleaning & Charging Station to clean, dry and charge the shaving machine with the touch of a button, keeping it fresh and ready for your next shave.

  • This mens electric razor includes a Pop-Up Trimmer to quickly detail sideburns and mustaches, wet/dry operation for convenient shaving in or out of the shower and a 10-stage LCD to check electric shaver status at a glance.

And as you also surely surmised from the headline here, right now this razor does not cost $600. At 63 percent off, it can be had for a mere $220. That’s a steal!

You have the opportunity to save $380 if you get this razor (Photo via Amazon)

You have the opportunity to save $380 if you get this razor (Photo via Amazon)

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor, Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head, High-Performance Motor, and included Premium Automatic Clean & Charge Station on sale for $219.85

As one customer, Doc H, put it in his review of the product, “To cut to the chase, there isn’t a perfect shaver, at least one that fits everyone’s shaving style. This one comes pretty darn close.”

That's fast (Photo via Amazon)

That’s fast (Photo via Amazon)

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