Woman’s Crusade Against Resident’s Pro-Trump Signs Lands Her In Hot Water [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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A woman named “Sarah” upset over a local resident’s Trump/Pence and “Hillary for Prison” lawn signs flipped off the owner of the house as she drove by. The owner of the house jumped in his own car and followed the woman while taking photos of the woman’s vehicle.

A law enforcement officer pulled over both vehicles to the side of the road and the woman turned on her video camera and began talking to her “followers” about the incident. Her camera continued to record even when the police officer spoke to her.

According to the woman’s version of events she was on her way to pick up her son at school and passed by a residence with pro-Trump signs.

“If you remember, I posted a picture of a house that had a bunch of Pence and Trump signs and a Hillary for prison signs and I have to pass it every single day. And I was passing it today just a little while ago on my way to go pick up Ben from school and there was a big ugly red neck guy standing in the driveway, so I gave him the finger which I’m allowed to do with my First Amendment freedom of speech rights,” Sarah said.

She goes on, “And this motherfucker got in his car and chased me all the way down the block—down St. Johns down towards Ben’s school. I haven’t even been able to pick up Ben yet because this motherfucker…has been talking to him for like 15 minutes almost. He talked to me for like two seconds.”

According to Sarah, the unidentified Trump supporter took photos of her vehicle and tags and followed her car until she flagged down a police officer by honking her horn and flashing her lights. After speaking to the man in the car behind her, a police officer walks up to Sarah’s car.

“Hi, sir. We’re recording this just because I’m on social media and I have a lot of followers and that guy chased me and followed me and scared me,” she said, adding that he drove his car “super fast” behind her car while “honking his horn and coming after” her and taking photos.

“What do you mean coming after you?” the officer asked.

“He was standing in his driveway and he jumped in his car to specifically chase me,” she said.

“What did you do prior that?” the officer asked.

The woman shows the officer that she flipped the man the bird.

“Okay, so you…”

“…which is freedom of speech,” she interjected.

“…of action.” the officer finished.

“Of action—Freedom of Action. Protected by the Constitution–my freedom of speech to call him a racist. But I did not step on his property. I did not get out of my car. I didn’t chase him or threaten him. I didn’t do anything to him except express myself with my hand,” the woman  said.

The woman and the officer go back and forth over why she decided to flip off the man in the driveway and at one point the officer noted, “So you clearly let your emotions get the better of you. Why don’t you just move on?”

She replied, “What’s wrong with that? Move On? There’s a racist xenophobic maniac running for president and that guy is supporting him and if I give him the finger…”

The officer refused to get into a political debate with the her and the back and forth continued between the two until the woman is sent on her way but said, “I gave him the finger one time and if he’s too much of a pussy to be able to accept it from a woman that’s his problem,” she replied.

The officer returned her license and recommends not to “start fights” anymore after she threatens to press charges against the man if he harasses her again.

“I didn’t start a fight. I gave a man a finger while he was standing in a driveway and I was driving by—okay that’s starting a fight. I’m a shit starter. That’s me. I’m moving on now. That’s police work. There’s your tax dollars at work there,” she said “Okay? Men will always have the upper hand on a woman in this country until we elect a woman who shatters the glass ceiling. Okay? So that’s what happened.”

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