Trump Threatens To Put Gennifer Flowers In Front Row At Debate

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

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Never one to demur at a perceived slight, Donald Trump is threatening to seat former Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers in the front row during Monday night’s debate against Hillary Clinton.

Trump issued his threat Saturday via Twitter, punching back at news that Clinton provided Trump-opponent and billionaire businessman Mark Cuban a front row seat at the first general election presidential debate.

According to reports, Trump initially misspelled Flowers’ first name, referring to her as “Jennifer” rather than “Gennifer.” He quickly deleted the tweet and renewed the threat with the proper spelling.

Flowers was a player during the sex scandals that plagued Bill Clinton in the 1990s. During the 1992 election she claimed she had had a 12-year affair with the married then-governor. Hillary Clinton defended her husband during the ordeal. In 1998, Bill Clinton admitted to having had a sexual relationship with Flowers while under oath.

Thursday Cuban tweeted the news that he would be in the front row during the debate.

In response to Trump’s threat to seat Flowers next to him, Cuban on Saturday fired back.

Caroline May