PROOF: The Auburn Coed Who Took A Kickoff Right To The Face Remains A Total Smoke Show [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshot/TrueColors, Twitter video screenshot/ChristinaWBRC

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On Saturday night, Auburn University student Ashley Ward took a football right to the face when she tried — and massively failed — to catch a kickoff that had sailed over the end zone.

Here is probably the best footage of that fiasco:

Here is how it looked on national television:

Ward, who was on the sidelines because she works with Auburn’s photo and video unit, gamely participated in an interview with a local sports reporter about her disastrous brush with fame.

“I was trying to catch the ball, obviously,” Ward explained, adding that she had made a bet with an Auburn football manager that she could catch a kickoff if she had the opportunity.

“I obviously missed it and caught the ball with my face instead of my hands” Ward said.

“I’m okay — just a little red,” she promised.

Ward also tweeted her health status to the world:

Auburn won the actual football game by the score of 18-13. It was a routine SEC cliffhanger that came down to the last play.

On Sunday, LSU fired its head football coach, Les Miles (as well as offensive coordinator Cam Cameron).

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