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Bill’s Exes Want To Rattle Hillary At The Debate

Screengrab, Inside Edition.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Donald Trump wants to plant Gennifer Flowers in front of Hillary Clinton‘s face at the first presidential debate between the 2016 contenders Monday night at Hofstra University. There are also reports that Juanita Brodderick — who previously accused Bill Clinton of rape — also wants in on the action. It’s been so long she received any press attention.

And now another one of Bill’s other ex lady somethings — Paula Jones — wants to cause trouble.

Yeah, she also wants in.

Is there even enough space in the front row for all of Bill’s exes?

During an appearance on Inside Edition, Jones said she wants to be at the debate.

Jones said she wants to “make Hillary nervous.”

Brodderick similarly told The Daily Mirror, “Sure I would like to be at such an epic event just to look Hillary in the face.”

To those who might have forgotten her, Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, claimed that when she was 24, then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton exposed his junk and asked her for a blow job in a hotel room in 1991. Her suit went nowhere because she could not prove any real damages. She did, however, damage him. Her suit led to failed impeachment proceedings in the Senate and Clinton paying her $850,000 for the whole thing to go away. She wound up with $200K after paying her lawyers. In 2001, she went all highbrow and appeared naked in Penthouse.

“Me and maybe the other women can sit up there and make Hillary a little bit nervous,” Jones, who has since had a nose job,  told Inside Edition.

The show says Jones’ idea to crawl under Hillary’s skin came after Hillary said she wanted Trump foe, billionaire Mark Cuban, to attend the debate to mess with her opponent.

Jones obviously supports Trump’s idea to bring Flowers to the debate.

“I thought it was awesome because, you know what? If Hillary and them are to have the gall to bring on Cuban and sit him in the front row, and the only purpose for that would’ve been to try to distract Donald Trump and try to sit up there and kind of almost bully him basically,” Jones said. “Well, then why not? Fair game.”

Despite the creative idea, Flowers is supposedly not really attending the debate.

Let’s hope the same is true for Jones’ sorry ass.