Flooding Forces Residents Of Iowa And Wisconsin To Evacuate

Erin Cinney Contributor
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Authorities in Iowa and Wisconsin have ordered curfews and encouraged evacuations as flooding from rivers and creeks has taken two lives already.

The curfew in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was set from 8 p.m. Sunday to 7 a.m. Monday, CNN reports.

Two people died last week in flooding in Vernon County in Wisconsin, one in a mudslide and another while driving through floodwaters, according to CNN.

The flooding has taken a toll on transportation as well.

Fire Chief of Cedar Rapids Mark English stated on Saturday morning that while evacuation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Residents are also advised to stay out of the downtown area until the flooding subsides.

Disaster emergencies have been declared in 13 counties. The flooding has been caused by the heavy rain which has reportedly reached 10 inches between Tuesday and Thursday.

Volunteers at local elementary schools have been used to create sandbags in order to reduce flooding from the Cedar River. The coming together of the community has provided some positivity in such a trying time for Iowan and Wisconsin residents.