MSNBC Guest’s Hillary Spiel Earns Thunderous Round Of Snaps From Clinton Supporters [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Kate Snow interviewed two Hofstra University students during MSNBCs Monday afternoon pre-debate coverage.

Snow first asked sophomore Brian Cameron why he is supporting Donald Trump in the election.

“I just love everything that he’s saying,” Cameron responded, earning boos from the crowd. “He’s an honest candidate, and he’s going to make America great again.”

“I just want to hear him be clear and precise on what he’s planning to do for America and what the future holds for our country.”

Snow then turned to another sophomore, Calista McCaully.

“This is a big night for you guys,” the MSNBC host posed. “Why Hillary Clinton for you?”

“Well, I just think that she has better leadership qualities,” she responded. “I mean just realistically, Donald Trump is impulsive. He’s reckless with the things that he says, and I don’t think that we need that in the White House.”

“I want to hear her talk about what she’s going to do to forward the movements that have already begun in the country. Specifically for me, importance is in the social issues. Forwarding, you know, the LGBT community. Forwarding all of the different communities that are out there, and I really just want to see how she’s going to handle Donald Trump.”

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