Tom Hanks Said America Will ‘Be Fine’ If Trump Wins [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Tom Hanks made it clear once again that he is not supporting Donald Trump, but added that even if Trump wins America “will be fine.”

The 60-year-old actor said on British TV station Channel Nine that he had zero interest in ever running for president, squashing rumors that he might be interested in getting involved in politics someday. (RELATED: No, Tom Hanks Did Not Endorse Donald Trump)

Tom Hanks's wife Rita has breast cancer

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“Oh dear lord, that would be a disaster,” Hanks said. “Who the hell would want that job? I never want to have any job where I have to answer the phone.” (RELATED: Tom Hanks Says Goodbye To His Mom In Touching Post)

The actor also said that he will not be leaving the country should Trump win the election.


“But we have in the United States this thing that is built into our DNA, that we are not perfect,” Hanks said. “That even the thing that was written down on paper says towards the creation of a more perfect union, that never stops. We have gotten over tough times, and we have dodged bullets many, many, many times.”

“I think we would be fine,” he added. “I don’t want Donald Trump to be President of the United States. But in the grand scheme of things, America corrects itself.”

Hanks has said before that he supports Hillary Clinton, but an internet hoax in August reported that he had changed his mind and was voting for Trump.

Shortly after the news broke, the rumor was proved to be false.