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ADL Event Bars Conservative Journo


Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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The Anti-Defamation League abruptly revoked this reporter’s credentials for their National Press Club event Tuesday night upon learning he recently slammed them for whitewashing black anti-Semitism and shilling for BLM even more blatantly than Washington Post national reporter Wesley Lowery does.

On Monday evening, ADL Washington D.C. Assistant Regional Director Tami Cohen told me that I could attend their 7th Annual SHIELD awards ceremony. The event hails law enforcement personnel “for major contributions toward protecting the American people from hate crimes, extremism, and domestic and international terrorism, and for protecting civil rights.”

It sounded from the initial phone conversation with Cohen that she had never heard of the Daily Caller. Alas, just as former Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) backed out of a promised interview after learning of this website’s wicked founder, Cohen apparently did some Googling and decided she couldn’t bear to be around somebody with an opposing viewpoint.

But at least Waxman only copped to his liberal ideology and said outright he would not hang with The Daily Caller. Cohen tried to hide her crass leftism.

The next morning she emailed that, “I apologize for the inconvenience, but wanted to notify you that we are limiting admission to tonight’s SHIELD AWARDS, and the room is full.  We are unable to accommodate you for the event.”

Really, the National Press Club ballroom, where the ceremony was held, has a capacity of 500 people, an NPC staffer says. Nothing online indicates any other reporters even attended.  And how could she know “the room is full” before the event event started?

Asked this morning if regional director David Friedman authorized her decision to bar the Washington Gadfly for criticizing the ADL, Cohen said, after a few seconds of stunned silence, “I’m sorry. I can’t help you.”

But Wesley Lowery can.

Despite taking offense during a recent nearly three hours long phone conversation—more on that later—about various people here being really mean to him, particularly, The Mirror doyenne Betsy Rothstein, Lowery emphasized that that everybody from The Daily Caller is welcome at the National Association of Black Journalists conference next year. He even promised to buy us all drinks.

Thanks, WL.

And rest assured that if you choose to have cognac, nobody here is going to mimic your white paymaster–advertising vice-president Ethan Selzer, an aficionado of racist humor--by saying, of course you picked that stuff. All upscale black men drink it.

Friendly advice for anybody inclined to pull similar stunts as the ADL: control yourself. I don’t particularly enjoy writing about myself and do it only when necessary.

So please don’t give me anything to write about it. These kind of edicts make you look worse than probably anything I could have written if allowed to attend your event. I wanted to cover the ADL award ceremony to  get rare access to the top law enforcement personnel who spoke, like the FBI Washington field office assistant director.

That’s it. I was not out to make the ADL look bad. That can be done easily enough by simply quoting them accurately — like their website BLM entry that omits the movement’s blatant anti-white racism.

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson called the ban “unbelievable.”

Evan Gahr