Amazon Has A New ‘Alexa’ Product

Jack Kocsis | Director of Commerce

Amazon has transformed the speaker-cum-personal assistant market with its Alexa line of products. Already this year, the online retailing giant has introduced best selling products such as the Echo, the Tap and the Dot. But due to the success of these devices, the folks in Seattle are not content to stop there. They just released a new Alexa product, one that brings the personal assistant to the realm of digital streaming.

That’s right, Amazon’s famed Fire TV stick, which brings television apps to cable cutters everywhere, now offers Alexa within its companion voice remote. Ordering pizza, turning off the lights, calling a cab – all these tasks can now be done with the same piece of equipment used to play your favorite Netflix show. What a world.

Check out the new remote:

It does so many things! (Photo via Amazon)

It does so many things! (Photo via Amazon)

All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote — $39.99

No cable, no problem with the Fire TV stick (Photo via Amazon)

No cable, no problem with the Fire TV stick (Photo via Amazon)

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