Liberal, Hollywood Millionaires Scramble To Build Luxury Bunkers For ‘Trumpocalypse’

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Celebrities are building multi-million dollar luxury bunkers to protect themselves from a “Trumpocalypse,” according to a Wednesday report.

A 37-room, 9,000-square-foot bunker complex costs $10.28 million and comes with a built in bowling alley, sauna, jacuzzi, shooting range, greenhouses, an ultra-large home theater and even a pool. One bunker surveyed by The Hollywood Reporter in an article titled “Bunker Builders Anticipate Lucrative Trumpocalypse” cost its owner more than $100 million. The companies building these bunkers have seen enormous demand growth due to the election.

“People are going for luxury [to] live underground because they see the future is going to be rough. Everyone I’ve talked to thinks we are doomed, no matter who is elected.” Robert Vicino, founder of an upscale bunker construction company, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Bill Gates has huge shelters under every one of his homes, in Rancho Santa Fe and Washington. His head of security visited with us a couple years ago, and for these multibillionaires, a few million is nothing. It’s really just the newest form of insurance.”

Such bunkers are designed to protect from nuclear holocaust and are eight feet underground to stop radioactive fallout. Many would be capable of protecting from pandemic as well and use a positive-pressure air system with filters to keeps out viruses and bacteria. Others are specifically designed to stop electromagnetic pulses and solar flares and have massive a metal encasement Faraday cages constructed around them.

Many of the people ordering these bunkers are Hollywood actors and actresses explicitly worried about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

“There are a lot of Oscars and Emmys tucked away safely behind my secret doors,” Steve Humble, President of bunker construction company Creative Home Engineering, said. “I can tell you that we’ve built secret doors for many of the most recognizable and highly awarded directors and celebrities in Hollywood.”

Hollywood actors aren’t the only one building huge bunkers. In Germany, there is a 227,904 square feet bunker for the nation’s billionaires in an old Soviet complex sealed behind three separate nuclear blast and radiation proof vehicle entrances. The complex is currently valued at $1.12 billion dollars, according to Forbes.

Preparing for the end of civilization by building bunker complexes isn’t limited to the rich either. A thriving industry exists to build structures to survive the apocalypse and there are popular reality television shows about “doomsday preppers.”

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