Trump: Black Community Is ‘Too Smart’ To Vote For Hillary [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Speaking to supporters in New Hampshire on Thursday, Donald Trump stated that the black community is “too smart” to vote for Hillary Clinton.


“Hilary Clinton has been a disaster for so many communities, but especially African-American communities,” Trump stated. “I don’t think African-American communities are going to come out and vote for Clinton. They’re too smart and they know they’re just being used by her and her campaign.”

“They also know that she will do nothing for them once the election is over. She never does. Some things will never change,” he added.

[dcquiz] “Many of them will never forget her calling young African-American men super predators. Not nice.”

Trump noted that the “same thing goes for Hispanic voters, and they’re tired of being used by people like Hillary Clinton that have no intention of doing anything for them once the election is over.”

“A Trump administration will bring prosperity to all people of our great country.”


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