Cal State Los Angeles Feminist Rips Down ‘Offensive’ Fliers [VIDEO]


Annabel Scott Contributor
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Members of the Young Americans for Freedom at California State University Los Angeles discovered two ­­­­­­angry feminists ripping down fliers advertising the group’s upcoming lecture with Christina Hoff Sommers on Thursday morning.

The fliers, sporting the event title ‘Where Feminism Went Wrong’, also included the time and location of the lecture.

When a CSULA YAF member asks the woman why she was removing the fliers, she responds claiming the fliers are “offensive”.

“This is my freedom of speech,” she states as she continues to tear down the fliers.

The YAF student then asks, “So it’s freedom of speech to infringe on our freedom of speech?” The woman chose to ignore his question.

Fortunately, the feminist vandal won’t prevent CSULA’s YAF chapter from advertising the lecture. According to, they have printed thousands of fliers and they are prepared to cover the campus. (RELATED: Militant Georgetown Feminists Demand ‘SAFE SPACE’ Because Of Scary 5’5″, 130-Lb. Woman)