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Ex-Female Reporter: Trump Called Me ‘Sh*t For Brains’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A former reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer is claiming that Donald Trump called her “shit for brains” as well as a “cunt” back in the eighties. The Trump campaign says it never happened.

As with most things in the 2016 election coverage, it’s a he said, she said affair.

In this instance the reporter has a witness: Jennifer Lin‘s editor “corroborated” her story, according to CNN.

In this case, it’s a double whammy against her — she’s female and she ‘s a reporter — at least the latter entirely deplorable in the eyes on Trump supporters.

Lin covered Trump’s business dealings in Atlantic City. She says she actually got Trump on the horn.

“The woman said hold for Mr. Trump,” she told CNN over the weekend. “And then Mr. Trump began to yell at me. He told me I had s— for brains. He told me I worked for a s—– newspaper and said what sort of s— was I writing. I was stunned. He hung up.”

When Trump called her boss, that’s when he alleged called her a “cunt.”

Trump’s campaign adamantly denied the report and called Lin an “avowed liberal reporter.”

No doubt, Trump supporters will eat this right up.