Hewitt: Liberal Media Has ‘Huge, Subterranean Pull’ On American Voters [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Hugh Hewitt stated that the media’s “subterranean pull” on American voters is skewing the election on MSNBC Monday afternoon.

“I want to underscore a point from your previous segment that came up,” he told host Steve Kornacki. “First, the New York Times isn’t at any risk whatsoever,” for publishing Donald Trump’s partial tax returns.

“Number two, I heard Rudy Giuliani tell Chuck Todd yesterday,” Hewitt continued. “Donald Trump could well have been under a fiduciary duty to claim that loss. Even though it’s an individual return, he would have owed it to Marla Maples to do so. He would have owed it to any partnerships he was involved in, in an ongoing basis to do so. I actually think it would have mattered to very few voters.”

The conservative radio host added that MSNBC’s own “Joy Reid, she coined an improvement of my term, the mass infantry of the media.”

“She said the mass armada of the mainstream media. That armada has been filing 24 hours straight at Donald Trump and ignoring Hillary Clinton’s — what I call the — basement tape, in which she says that half of Bernie Sanders supporters don’t know what they’re talking about, that there is a false promise in the Sanders campaign.”

“I believe that the media has a huge subterranean pull on this electorate,” he explained. “People are mad at us because we are not covering the campaign fairly, so while Rudy made a great point about the fiduciary duty, I think it would have been a better point to say cover this all you want guys but make sure you cover Hillary’s basement tape, too.”

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