‘INSANITY’ — Joe Scarborough Kicks Off The Week By Blasting The Media [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Joe Scarborough opened Monday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe” by blasting the media for not conducting polls following the first presidential debate.

Scarborough chastised news outlets for claiming that the debate could “change things forever, so we’re going to be watching. Nobody has done a poll.”

“Let me ask you, Mark [Halperin], because if I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think they had taken polls, and they didn’t like the trend lines. Why would you not take a poll?” he continued. “Why wouldn’t NBC, ABC, CBS. The Washington Post did a poll on likability. We know they’re all hated. You don’t have to waste my Sunday morning telling me that everybody hates these two characters.”

“Why haven’t they done them this past week? That’s stupid. It’s insanity. They spend millions and millions of dollars and we still have no idea,” the MSNBC host exclaimed. “We have no idea how Americans really reacted to the debate. Why would that be?”

Halperin responded that “it has to do with the fluke of scheduling and budgets.”

“Well then whoever handles schedules and budgets should be fired because Fox News is the only network that has done a poll post-debate,” Scarborough shot back.

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