Man Gets Mauled By Grizzly Bear, Shares His Injuries In Incredible Facebook Video [VIDEO]

Todd Orr (Credit: Screenshot/Todd Orr Facebook Video)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Montana resident Todd Orr was brutally mauled twice by a grizzly bear and somehow magically lived to tell the tale.

Orr, who is a resident of Bozeman, Montana, posted a video of himself on Facebook shortly after the attack occurred. His wounds are incredibly graphic and bloody. There is a large cut to the side of his head and his left arm has been obliterated by the grizzly bear.


Orr, who appears to be an avid hunter and fisher, posted a lengthy explanation of the brutal attack describing the blood in his truck as if he had “gutted an elk in the drivers seat.”

He is certainly lucky to be alive, and he will now forever have one of the most incredible stories ever told about bears.

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