Chelsea Demonstrates The Latest In Clinton Doublespeak

(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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For her vital journey to a something called a “clean energy roundtable” at an environmental conference in Asheville, N.C. Chelsea Clinton ensured she arrived on time and in-style by taking a private jet.  She also compromised something that is more sacred and deeply personal to a left-wing Democrat than any birthright:  her carbon footprint.

Just think of all those injurious greenhouse gasses.

She’s just taking her lead from any celebrity environmentalist who has no difficulty enforcing a Spartan existence upon the rest of us in their quest to arrest climate change but eschew such inconveniences for their own lush lives.  But Chelsea is just being a Clinton, which can found be found in any thesaurus as a synonym for hypocrite, because that is what the dynamic duo of Bill and Hillary have embodied for their unprincipled and cynical political careers.

Speaking of jets, how regularly does Hillary dispense disdain on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for using a private jet to travel on the campaign while she somehow thinks she is doing a public service when she borrow Air Force One from her number one booster, President Barack Obama.  She is the most qualified candidate “ever” after all.

And Bill has spent his autumn years jet-setting with the rich and infamous, collecting six figure honorariums for pep talks around the world while wallowing in a truly desultory, self-aggrandizing and agonizingly venal lifestyle.

But it’s Hillary who’s somehow has the gall to run for president, despite carrying so much political baggage you would think just getting out of bed in the morning would be too arduous a step.  Here is a woman who has somehow become fabulously wealthy while spending a career in the public sector and who exudes the kind of privilege she is always suggesting Trump represents.  Has Hillary rubbed shoulders with real working people, except when the cameras are there to record this tender moment of discovery?  And where did drapery-making father come from?  In her pusillanimous and awkward attempts to prove that she has actually lived in the real world, she sometimes tries to describe her dad’s factory – but it all seems like she’s reading a script for the first time.  Whereas, Trump may be wealthier, but at least he’s lived in the real world and had to pay real people for their services.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds with Hillary.  Did you hear her on Monday night when she was asked about cyber-security?  Can you imagine?  She certainly knows everything about how to violate cyber-security – like a safe cracker knows how to open a safe – but she doesn’t even know where to find the classified stamp on a government document, even after all these years hanging around Washington collecting a paycheck.

But that didn’t stop her from waxing eloquent about the need for greater vigilance in this age of terrorism because there are probably a lot of people like her who obviously don’t care a wit about the sanctity of secrecy.

There was no hint of embarrassment, no semblance of shame, no flash of guilt as she played along with Lester the moderator and his soft-ball questions.  We have become so accustomed to Hillary behaving in this manner – like a Manchurian candidate programmed to lie – that the absurdity of the moment doesn’t seem to even register anymore.

The elite, left-wing media critics who eviscerated Trump’s debate performance while proclaiming a symphonic marvel from Hillary are living in value bubbles to tight that life-giving and thought-inducing air cannot even get in.

Hillary of course really doesn’t believe in anything.  Is she really a hawk?  On Monday.  How about a free trader?  That’s Tuesday.  A protectionist who never called the TPP trade deal “the gold standard?”  Oh that’s today.  Hillary, like the ever-chuckling Bill by her side, is a staunch believer in the Clinton legacy of taking all they can, while they can, before anyone realizes that they they’ve just been taken for a ride.

David Krayden is a Canadian weekly newspaper columnist, conservative political pundit and communications expert who was formerly an Air Force public affairs officer and communications manager on Parliament Hill.