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Julian Assange Emerges From Hole, Doesn’t See His Shadow

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I already know this election’s “October Surprise,” and it’s this: By the end of this month, everyone but me will be surprised that nobody managed to say or do anything that changed the mind of a single, solitary prospective voter.

If you got your hopes up that Julian Assange was going to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign today, too bad. Joe Uchill, The Hill:

A Tuesday morning WikiLeaks event in Berlin did not produce an “#OctoberSurprise” to derail the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign that many had expected, but Julian Assange said he would release more documents before Election Day…

Assange did announce a number of new initiatives at WikiLeaks…

But Assange cautioned that the election leaks might not be the Clinton-buster [scumbag Roger] Stone and [fraudulent Alex] Jones were anticipating, calling claims he is specifically stocking documents “intending to harm” the Democratic candidate “false,” saying he has been misquoted and there is an “attempt to personalize the publications.”

Damn. If you can’t trust Julian Assange, who can you trust?

Hillary Clinton treats laws like amusing suggestions, lies about everything, and is enormously unlikable. Her opponent is, in most respects, her equal. We’ve known everything we need to know about both of them since most voters are old enough to remember. Any new information we get at this point will be like learning Darth Vader has bad breath: plausible but, given all other available information, irrelevant.

If you don’t know by now who you’re going to vote for, or whether you’re going to vote for either of them, you’re either a liar or a coma patient.

But hey, people need stuff to talk about every minute of every day. You clicked this headline, didn’t you? Sucker.

P.S. Is this the beginning of the alt-alt-right?

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Jim Treacher