Mika Brzezinski Tears Into Hillary — ‘Get Off Your High Horse!’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During MSNBC’s Tuesday broadcast of “Morning Joe,” Mika Brzezinski blasted Hillary Clinton’s recent attacks on Donald Trump’s tax returns.


As reported by the New York Times, Trump reported nearly $1 billion in losses in 1995, which could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income tax for the past 18 years, without — as Brzezinski noted — breaking any laws at all.

“So, I just noticed a confidence here that I don’t think should be there among the campaign,” she stated. “Sorry, but I mean, you think about this tax thing unless, were laws broken? Did the New York Times find any laws were broken?”

“So, he talks about brilliantly using the system, but Hillary Clinton could have had that same reaction to her speech money, that she says she’s going to change Wall Street, but you know what, I used the system to make millions of dollars, but instead she hides it,” she continued. “Donald Trump just doesn’t hide it. He’s very comfortable with the fact that he followed the law and made a lot of money.”

“It’s the same thing and that’s what people see. People see somebody being honest about it and someone kind of like, not mentioning it but still doing it.”

“Mistakes were made and I’m telling you people don’t, they are not feeling a complete connection with her and this doesn’t help to get all high and mighty,” Brzezinski stated in closing.

“Get off your high horse about this tax thing unless laws were broken, it’s not an issue, you guys cancel each other out.”

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