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Moron Joan Walsh Insists Tim Kaine Won The Veep Debate

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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While no rational human being thinks Tim Kaine won the 2016 VP debate against Mike Pence, here comes Joan Walsh, who is apparently living in an alternate universe.

“Oh wow,” Walsh, a national correspondent for The Nation, wrote on Twitter. “Are my friends on TV trashing Kaine? So glad I’m not watching. Tim Kaine won where I watched it. Which means he won.”

She continued her nonsensical ranting, not only saying Kaine won, but hilariously insisting that he “kicked Pence’s butt.”

“You know how we’re periodically advised not to watch debates and do social media/watch TV? I did that. Tim Kaine kicked Pence’s butt,” she wrote.

Even anti-Donald Trumper Nicolle Wallace said Kaine was irritating: “When you’re six points up you don’t go out there and act as annoying as Tim Kaine did,” she said on MSNBC during post-debate coverage. “…I think Pence had a nice night. …Tim Kaine didn’t need to be as annoying as he was.”

And liberal WaPo columnist Eugene Robinson declared, “Pence had a more solid and serene presence than Kaine did.”

Other Joan Walshisms on the debate:

  • “Kaine is a much better defender of Clinton than Pence is of Trump.”
  • “‘Why don’t you trust women to make this choice for themselves?’ Tim Kaine asks. “This is frickin’ awesome.”
  • “I feel terrible saying this but this is a tragically moderated debate, so far. Not to follow up on ANY of EITHER of these guys’ forays.”
  • “You’re done, Mike Pence. Seriously.”

And then she sort of made a dick joke.