Pence To Kaine: ‘I Know You Boycotted Netanyahu’s Speech’

(Screengrab/NBC News)

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

FARMVILLE, Va. — Indiana Governor Mike Pence took to task Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine over his assertions of what Israel thinks of the Iranian nuclear deal.

“Ronald Reagan also said nuclear war should never be fought because it can never be won and the United States of America needs to make investments in modernizing our nuclear,” Pence said.

Kaine immediately asked, “Can you defend Donald trump’s claim that more nations should get more–”

Pence interjected, “Let me go back to this Iran thing. I mean, he keeps saying that they prevented — that Hillary clinton who started the deal with the Iranians prevented Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Kaine responded, “That’s what Israeli Joint Chiefs of staff is saying right now.”

“That’s not what Israel thinks,” Pence shot back

“You can go check it,” Kaine said.

Pence responded, “You wouldn’t necessarily know that. I know you boycotted prime minister Netanyahu’s speech.”

“I visited him in his office,” Kaine said.

Pence interjected, “You boycotted the speech.”

Fifty-six Democratic members of Congress boycotted Netanyahu’s remarks  to Congress in February 2015 where he criticized the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.