VP DEBATE: Tim Kaine Raises Questions About His Own Gender [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

During his opening statement at Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, Tim Kaine said his primary role will be to act as Hillary Clinton’s “right hand person.”

“Hillary told me when she asked me to be her running mate the test of a Clinton administration will not be the signing of a bill or a passage of a bill,” Kaine stated. “It will be whether we can make somebody’s life. It will be whether we can make a classroom better learning environment for school kids or teachers, whether we can make us safer. It will be about results.”

“She said to me, you’ve been a missionary and a civil rights lawyer, you’ve been a city councilman and mayor, you’ve been a lieutenant governor and governor and now a U.S. senator,” he continued. “I think you will help me figure out how to govern this nation so we always keep in mind that the success of the administration is the difference we make in people’s lives.”

“That’s what I bring to the ticket… but my primary role is to be Hillary Clinton’s right-hand person and strongest supporter as she puts together the most historic administration possible, and I relish that role. I’m so proud of her.”

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