Liberal Protesters Surround, Berate Conservatives At University Of Kansas

YAF Screengrab

Tom Knighton Contributor

Newly-released video from the University of Kansas shows a group of angry college students surrounding and shouting down their conservative classmates in late September.

The video, posted to YouTube Tuesday by the Young America’s Foundation, features a September 26 meeting by the school’s YAF chapter being disrupted by the liberal protesters.

While much of the video is unintelligible, not all of it is.

At one point, one of the protesters argued that the group’s members should skip college altogether, suggesting that the conservatives were unwelcome.

“Just so ya’ll know, colleges are usually very liberal places,” one of the protesters argued a little over a minute into the video, “so maybe you should go to a more conservative setting.”

The video is just under two minutes long, but the description listed on the video claims this is just part of a barrage that lasted for far longer. It noted the protesters “surrounded a group of YAF students in a campus building and berated them for more than an hour, screaming about safe spaces, institutional racism, and much more.”

Protests such as this seem to have become the norm on college campuses as school have begun handing students pamphlets directing them to avoid certain common phrases, in an alleged effort to promote “inclusivity.”

While the protesters may feel conservatives have no place in colleges, the University of Kansas Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities notes:

The University of Kansas is committed to fostering a campus environment that is conducive to academic inquiry, a productive campus life and thoughtful study and discourse.

Additionally, it defines a student’s rights, in part, as:

Free inquiry, expression, and assembly are guaranteed to all students. This includes the right of student press to be free of censorship. Its editors, managers and contributors must be protected from arbitrary sanctions. A student, group, or organization may hand out written material on campus without prior approval.

Campus Expression: Discussion and expression of all views are permitted within the University, subject only to the Board of Regents and University Policy requirements for the maintenance of order. Support of any cause by orderly and peaceful means that does not disrupt the operation of the institution is permitted. This Article shall be construed in conjuncture with Articles Section III (I) and Section VI (B)(5). This article shall include discussion and expression of all views that are communicated through, but not limited to, oral, written, and/or electronic means of communication.

Both of these sections suggest that the YAF students not only have the right to attend the University of Kansas, but are welcome.